Richard SERRA : Ramble Drawings

Installation view

Exhibition at Gagosian gallery until 2nd April 2016

Best known for his monumental sculptures made of steel, Richard Serra (born 1938) delights us this time with a series of abstract drawings titled:  “Rambles”. Yet the practice of drawing is nothing new in the work of the American artist who religiously devotes a few hours each morning to practicing.

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EXHIBITION. Marc Chagall, The Triumph of Music

The exhibition Marc Chagall, “the Triumph of Music” is at the Paris Philharmonic from 13th, October 2015 to 31st, January 2016

Music soothes the savage breast. There is nothing better to take your mind off things than going to the exhibition “Marc Chagall, the Triumph of Music” at the Paris Philharmonic and letting yourself immerse in the heart of the artist’s boundless universe. May the bodies swirl and the birds whirl to the pealing of colourful bells.

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