ITCHI : Hang Time

At la Lanterne gallery until 22th May 2016

ITCHI, 'Hang Time'. Courtesy Galerie La Lanterne

ITCHI, ‘Hang Time’. Courtesy Galerie La Lanterne


For his first show at La Lanterne gallery, artist Sacha Cohen Tanugi, aka ITCHI, distills a good dose of humor and tenderness in his exhibition “Hang Time”. An illustrator and graphic designer by training, the thirty year old Parisian revives the cherished magazines of our mothers and grandmothers. Continue reading…

EXHIBITION. Marc Chagall, The Triumph of Music

The exhibition Marc Chagall, “the Triumph of Music” is at the Paris Philharmonic from 13th, October 2015 to 31st, January 2016

Music soothes the savage breast. There is nothing better to take your mind off things than going to the exhibition “Marc Chagall, the Triumph of Music” at the Paris Philharmonic and letting yourself immerse in the heart of the artist’s boundless universe. May the bodies swirl and the birds whirl to the pealing of colourful bells.

Marc Chagall was born in 1887 into a Hasidic family, in a township Continue reading…