ITCHI : Hang Time

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At la Lanterne gallery until 22th May 2016

ITCHI, 'Hang Time'. Courtesy Galerie La Lanterne

ITCHI, ‘Hang Time’. Courtesy Galerie La Lanterne


For his first show at La Lanterne gallery, artist Sacha Cohen Tanugi, aka ITCHI, distills a good dose of humor and tenderness in his exhibition “Hang Time”. An illustrator and graphic designer by training, the thirty year old Parisian revives the cherished magazines of our mothers and grandmothers.

Thus vintage Paris Match and Jours de France magazines are the basis for the artist’s cutouts, bringing outdated tones and delicate textures to the compositions, and adding a touch of poetry and mystery. Elements such as cut out letters, a smoking woman, a man in a bathing suit, or wearing a hat, music notes, graphics and ellipsis create endless visual charades.

A carefree bubble that has nothing superfluous!


ITCHI, 'La Fumeuse'. Courtesy Galerie la Lanterne

ITCHI, ‘La Fumeuse’. Courtesy Galerie la Lanterne

La Lanterne

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